The bulletproof super material that’s paper-thin

This material can be used to combine with the taser and other underlying components in the Tactical wall system to absorb any impacts with a responsive Micro gel structure which can stop 9 millimeter rounds and can absorb knife in packs with the backing of carbon fiber this polyurethane can also be used to Encompass the cob LEDs to make them also impact-resistant and not a weak point in the club globe glove glove go up love globe glove love next line what can also be used is HD camera controls the camera will display the distance and the Target and highlight the main point from the laser LEDs mounted in the gun allowing for the officer to show where the weapon is being aimed and still being Auto recorded next one if the camera is also under mounted with the gun like a Montero this will offer greater stability accuracy through the Labor Finders two sided cited to cited two sighted pieces in the fire pistol or rifle this will enable the weapon to be used far more tactically love you can also go directly out to the club love if combined with a tactical glasses system the accurate positioning of the eyes on the target can allow for Target lock similar to the company with the sniper rifle this will allow for smartphone functionality and personal defense system smart gun functionality because location is being selected and lemon shots and non-lethal rounds being first use then the officers intent is no known kn and therefore is not being questioned and debated as the officer is attempting to make specific actions and reduce the use of the firearm until absolutely necessary the use of non-lethal rounds is more feasible than previously because of the higher accuracy in addition the range finder and already use non-lethal mechanisms in the rapid pulsing led to disorient the attacker or the suspect means that A-Train Squad can be easily coordinated the display can also be used to show proximity to officers and suspects through localized Wi-Fi broadcast being used as a low-grade sonar which also penetrates walls